Intimate collections (Ínti+)

“People often say this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” Thomas Szasz, American psychiatrist.
Photography can be employed as a mean to self-discovery, as it allow us to inquire in our personality through the creative process. Each photographer has a different creative process that adapts and evolves with each new project. These projects end up being revealing epiphanies for the photographer as, in each one, the subject finds himself immerse in the creative process. From this some answers arise, some new unknowns emerge, and intrinsic truths in the artist´s psyche are discovered, revelations that they portray in one or many pictures.

This was the case of the first group of graduates of the “Annual Photography Diploma” of the
Photography School & Image Center in Guatemala (EFE), twenty-one aspirants that, as we are let known in the exposition´s description, “not only learned to be good photographers, but also to investigate and encapsulate their intimacies in a honest way”. The exposition is named “Ínti+” (intimate), a peculiar wordplay that alludes the journey these students went through during their formation, driving them to this point in which, through their collections they invite us to be part of their most intimate moments.

I walked more than once through the long hallway that harbors the 194 pieces. At the beginning I dedicated myself to pay attention to the techniques employed by the artists, their composition, the angles, the dramatic portrays in monochrome of some, and the striking colors in high contrast of others. After examine the works in a technical way I walked again in front of each, I read the title that each picked for his work and carefully tried to interpret their conceptualization.

Many times it´s difficult to agree with the author of a work in so far as his conceptualization, as this, as established by Adriana Morales, Bachelor of Arts from Venezuela Central University, “Implicates the development, construction and ordination of the ideas that have been obtained starting from the experience and comprehension of what surrounds us”. Therefore, each artistic work has two meanings, the proper, which is given by the artist when created, and the one the viewer attributes to it based on what it made him feel.

I got carried away by the moments this persons immortalize and shared with the world. It´s admirable the way in which they got to approach topics like identity (Identidad, Hector Cruz), loyalty (Lealtad, Ana Cecilia Rodriguez), memories (Recuerdos, Rocío Chacón) and the profound (Profundo, Mayra Valey), just to mention some. What allowed me not just to enlarge my criteriain regards of these topics, but to join together the concepts of their works in my head, understanding that the conception (Concepción, Hugo Mendoza) can also be a miracle (Milagro, María José Velasquez), that despite the prejudice (Prejuicio, Sergio Aragón) we are all equal (=, Karlo Roán Susnávar Sandoval), that the strength (Fortaleza, Roxana Pérez) and the impetus (Ímpetu, Melanie Calderón de Ganddini) are two sides of the same coin, and that there are no accomplished dreams (Sueños cumplidos, José Pablo Martínez) without boldness (Denuedo, Ana Lucía Veras).

But that´s just my perception, art is interpretative and we can all appreciate this exposition in a
different way, the entrance is free and it will be open to the public until March the 1st next year in the showroom number 3, of the Formation Center of the Spanish Cooperation in La Antigua.

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