Santiago de los Caballeros Weapons Museum

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Learn about the development of colonial life during the XVI, XVII and XVIII century. The Santiago de los Caballeros Weapons Museum possesses a permanent exhibition that shows and relates the Pre-Hispanic and Colonial eras. In the entrance you will notice a vestibular hall, in there, some information is given to the visitor regarding the museum, before placing him in the geographic space and begin the tour.

Likewise, the visitor can relate the characters on the paintings with the relevance these had in the colonial life; as well as the importance and strong influence of the church in the colony; get familiar with the subject of heraldry, which serves as a support tool in order to track facts, characters, and other elements from history; understand the influence of the craft guilds in the daily life, the causes that gave them origin, the disciplines that were united to conform them, and the influence they exercised with the purpose of reaching a higher social hierarchy. It´s impossible not to mention, of course, the collection that gives the museum its title, the weapons expositions.


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